Screen2Avi 1.0

Screen2Avi capture photo and video captures from your PC screen

Screen2Avi is a free program that can capture photo and video captures from your PC screen.
By using this program, you can get video captures (also called screencasts) or pictures (screenshots), that will document every action performed in your computer. You can use that material to show how to work with a program, or to obtain a proof about your computer behavior, or the content of a chat.

Screen2Avi can capture any region of the screen, or the full screen. You can enable or disable the capture of the background. You can choose the video encoder you want to use to generate your video file, using any of the built-in profiles or customizing one of them to meet your specifications. The users can enable or disable the sound capture, and they will be able to choose the device from where the program will capture the sound. In the general options, you can specify if you want to include the cursor in your capture, the folders where the output will be saved and other details, as the hotkeys you want to define. The screenshots will produce a .BMP file in the selected folder.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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