Records any activity on your computer screen and saves it as an AVI video file

Screen2Avi is a handy application that records any activity on any area of your screen, and saves it as an AVI video file. It allows you to capture your entire screen or a specific area only, and it can record an audio stream together with the video, too. In addition, you can select and configure the codec for your AVI video, and define keyboard shortcuts for the main supported actions.

The program consists of a simple window with a tabbed panel where you can configure all the settings related to the four areas involved in the screen capture process – screen, video, audio, and hotkeys. In the "Screen" tab, you can define the recording area and its position – full screen, a list of predefined common resolutions (including 640x480, 800x600, and 1280x720), or a custom area. In the same tab, you can also enable or disable the background of your capture window, and assign a solid color to it.

In the "Video" tab, you can choose the compression codec and the FPS rate (Frames Per Second), which is directly related to the output video quality. You can also use the "Configure" button to customize the codec's parameters, which will vary depending on your choice. Then, there is the "Audio" tab, where you can enable or disable the audio recording, select the audio device, the input line to capture, and the audio presets, from a large list of options.

Finally, in the "General" tab you can customize the hotkeys for some common actions, such as those used to start, stop, and pause the recording, to take snapshots and to toggle the background on or off, among other options. In conclusion, Screen2Avi is a free utility you should consider using as long as your screen recording needs are not very complicated.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to define a specific capture area.
  • Optionally, you can also record an audio stream.
  • Allows you to select and configure your preferred video codec.
  • You can assign keyboard shortcuts to the main supported actions.
  • You can select the FPS rate, i.e., the video quality


  • It only accepts AVI as output format.
  • You cannot draw a capture area with the mouse
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